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Heil Sound PR35 Dynamic Microphone with free 25' mic cable

Minimum Advertised Price $274 Heil Microphone Code:  PR35


The Heil PR35  is a great new development from Heil Sound. The same huge element that is found in the Heil PR30 is now in a rugged handheld! After several months of beta testing on the road with top touring acts, the Heil PR35 is ready for release. The microphone is comfortable, quiet, and has the great, smooth, high power, wide frequency response one can expect only from a Heil microphone. Featuring the same specifications as the now famous PR30, and adding an on/off switch and 3 position bass rolloff switch, the Heil PR35 is a great alternative to the PR20 for many vocalists, and works wonderfully as a snare drum, acoustic guitar, or piano mic. The latest in a line of innovative microphones from Heil Sound, expect more great things as the year progresses!

New Heil Sound technology features a dual-wound voice coil with a magnet structure of neodymium, iron and boron, which reportedly creates a magnetic field 10 times stronger than the traditional magnets of other microphones. Company founder, Bob Heil, comments, "I had requests from several well-known FOH mixers for a version of the PR30 that a singer could use in a traditional handheld manner. We built up several, and they instantly found use, notably with Joan Baez. She could have any microphone that she wants but loved the sound of the PR35."

The PR35 has a frequency response extending from 40 to 18,000 Hz and output level of -52.9 dB @ 1,000 Hz. A 2-position roll-off switch is provided to help control unwanted low end. Its polar pattern is cardioid, and the microphone comes in a black-steel frame and grille. All units are shipped with a Heil SM-5 mounting assembly and a leatherette carrying case.

As with all of the Heil Microphones we sell, a 25' microphone cable is included with free your purchase.

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The Trusted Source for Genuine Russian Oktava Microphones, Heil Microphones, Grado Labs Headphones, On Stage Stands and much more!!!!

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